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about me

I have always loved photographs, old, new, candid or posed they just fascinate me.   I remember before the digital era the excitement of getting a roll of film developed, the anticipation, had I done a good job? Would they capture all I hoped they would?  I have always been fascinated by the way photographs can not only capture a moment but can create new ones while being taken.  After having my first daughter my love of the camera grew, who could resist those sparkly eyes and perfect skin, it almost seemed impossible to take a bad photo of her!  When my second daughter arrived a couple of years later I dispelled the myths about second children being photographed less and actually managed to take even more snaps of her life.  So I am a photographer not just because of my love of it but to relieve my daughters of posing, pouting and cheesing and hopefully teach them that when you really love something even work can be fun! 


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